Having a sexy back – wow! We all want it, right?

But the sad part is that not all of us are blessed with a sexy looking back. What do we do then? We work towards it. We work towards it!

There are a few specific exercises that we can practice in order to have a sexy back. Here are a few expounded for you:

  1. Sandbag Press: You need a sandbag for this exercise. Hold the sandbag while standing up straight. The sandbag should be in line with your chest. Tighten your gluteus and abs and life the sandbag above your head. Lower the bag to bring it back to the chest. Repeat.
  2. Straight Leg Dead Lift: A sandbag is required for this exercise, too. This time, you should hold the sandbag in line with your waist. Make sure your shoulders are pulled back. Your abs should be tight. Now slowly bend over. You should form an L shape and your sandbag should almost touch the ground. Stay for a couple of seconds and come back to your original position. Repeat.
  3. Dive Bomber Push Up: Lower yourself in a dog position. Now bend your elbows and come down to the ground such that your chest drops first. Push your body forward. Stop. Push it up now. Bend your elbows again and drop your chest again. Push up. Repeat.

Photo Credits: sun dazed