Pregnancy indeed is one of the most beautiful miracles of nature. A human born out of a human! Ensuring a healthy pregnancy through proper diet and exercise is the best you can do to enjoy this phase of life and give better health to you and your little one.

If gym, yoga, or equipment training isn’t for you, you can still give yourself a decent workout by just walking. Yes, you heard that right.

Here’s help on walking workouts that you can do:

  • Do the meditative walk. It’s a leisurely paced walk that helps relieve stress from the body. You just have to take easy, short strides at a comfortable place while letting your arms hang loosely at your sides. Practice deep inhalation through nose and deep exhalation through the mouth when doing this to practice labour breathing techniques.
  • Do the interval walk. It’s a more challenging walk that includes alternating between moderate and fast pace. You have to start with a 10 minute warm up first. Then, you just walk at moderate speed for two minutes and then switch to fast pace for 1 minute. Continue till your body comfortably allows.
  • Do a cross training workout. It is an intense walk that incorporates strength training to build bone density and muscle tone. Warm up for ten minutes and then walk at a moderate pace for 2 minutes. Next, walk at a fast pace for another 2 minutes and halt. Do high intensity arm circles and lateral walks and go back to moderate paced walking. Finish off by stretching.

There you go! Wear comfortable clothes, knot up a pair of good quality shoes and get walking.