There are many times when you feel sluggish and need energy right away. However, there barely seems like any way to regain it. Here are a few ways to do so and gain energy within ten minutes.

1. Snack: When I ask you to have a snack, I don’t mean that you should eat all the junk you can reach. Snacks are of various kinds and you must pick healthy options such as whole-grain crackers along with peanut butter or low-fat cream cheese. You can choose candy bars but they come with an energy crash. You should thus choose snacks that are rich in protein and carbohydrates. These are healthy and will also make sure you blood sugar level is not altered.

2. Move: A great way to get an energy boost is to get moving. You could do a set of jumping jacks or you could jump the rope for a while. You could also choose jogging or walking for ten minutes.

3. Recharge: A great way of fighting fatigue is slowing down and recharging. Mental recharging can help you heaps. Yoga can help and so can a ten-minute nap.

4. Drink: Caffeine can help you a lot but only when you consume it in moderation. You can drink either tea or coffee based on your preferences. Green tea is an ideal drink too. Water is another great drink. Dehydration is the reason why energy drains out. This is why you must consume lots of water to stay hydrated and energetic at all times.