Squats are great to make your booty more voluptuous and sexy. Agreed. But growing booty isn’t just doing 100 squats a day. In fact squatting everyday could hinder muscle growth and take you farther from your dream to look like Beyoncé.

There are a few common mistakes that women make when squatting in a quest for a bigger booty:

  • If you are doing one of those month long squat challenges, you are not doing yourself any good. In fact you might just land up doing harm to your body. Ideally you should rest between your ‘squatting’ days to give your muscles sometime to repair. If you want to see muscle growth, you have to give your muscles time to recover from the tears and fibre breakage.
  • If you have been doing Air squats since a long long time, sorry to break your bubble, but they aren’t helping. Ideally you should add either resistance or weight to your squats after you have outgrown the beginner phase. Your glutes like any other muscle in your body need weights to help them grow. As soon as you become too comfortable with a particular weight, gradually increase it to continue to challenge your muscles and help them grow.
  • If your technique is wrong, even a 100 squats a day will not give you any benefit. The correct way to do squats is to keep your feet shoulder width apart, your spine straight and then sit back without letting your knees ever pass our toes. It should feel like naturally sitting on a chair.
  • If you squat all right but you don’t consume enough protein, chances are you don’t see any difference in your derriere after all those hours spent in the gym. Your muscle growth largely depends on what you eat and protein not only helps your muscle grow, but also helps it recover better from tears and injuries.

 Now go scooch correctly and get the derriere of your dreams. Happy working out!

Image Credits: Mike Powell/ DigitalVision/ Thinkstock Photos