Clean eating is the new “in-thing”. We are seeing it all over social media these days. But, what exactly is clean eating? Well, it is just a cooler way of saying, “eating right”. So, are you eating clean? Are you ensuring that your diet is healthy?

Perhaps you are but you are probably also making a few mistakes that are rendering your efforts moot. Let’s talk about them:

  1. Being too strict with yourself: It is easily possible to go over the line and do too much. Remember, everything in excess is bad. Follow a diet but make sure it is practical!
  2. Losing willpower at night: We have seen this time and again. Many people manage to stay in control all day but towards the end of the day, they lose sight of everything. They end up eating unhealthy stuff at night and the whole diet go down the dumps.
  3. Inconsistency: Whatever you take up, you should be consistent with it. Doing something in bits and pieces will not help. It could actually backfire and end up making your habits the unhealthiest. Create a plan, thus, and stick to it.
  4. Ignoring product labels: How do you know a food product is healthy? How do you know the ingredients used are healthy and safe? You go through the product label. Assuming something will do you no good. Read what’s written on the label and you’ll know everything you need to.

Image Credits: Valentina_G/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos