And you thought only dogs had healing powers!

Therapy dogs are quite common but did you know that’s not it? There are many other animals who are amazing therapy animals. Let’s take a look:

  1. Pigs: Buttercup is a therapy pig and this lovely baby accompanies a certified autism specialist in many of her therapy sessions.
  2. Monkeys: There’s an organization named Helping Hands Monkey Helpers that trains monkeys to be therapy animals. These monkeys help those with mobility impairment to perform small tasks.
  3. Ferrets: Toast is a ferret that provides therapeutic aid! He is very popular now and travels world over.
  4. Llamas: Rojo is a popular therapy llama in Portland. He is known to spread joy and cheer wherever he goes.
  5. Miniature horses: Kalliope is a miniature horse that visits children’s hospitals to spread some happiness.

Image Credits: ksena32/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos