Flour, probably to you, is the easiest thing to coat your food with, before frying. Chicken, fish or patties, flour is the way to go because it’s quick. But guess what. There are so many other options you can try for coating that will not just up the flavour of the food but also look tempting

Here are a few good options:

  1. Crushed popcorn:

They add the perfect crunch and a subtle yet delicious flavour, especially to those fish chunks.

  1. Chex ( or similar) cereal:

Because of their crispy exterior, they stand well to fry. They add an earthy flavour, and the irresistible crunch. Just break up the chex with your hand, roll you food and get frying.

  1. Fruity Pebbles:

No we are not kidding! Fried okra and fruity pebbles could be an ugly mismatch. Agreed. But chicken fingers and fish sticks could go really well with this. It gives a very savoury sweet flavour. So pound the cereal in a clear pouch with a rolling pin and get going (your kids will love you for this).

  1. Garbanzo bean flour:

Yes we said flour! But this is different than your regular flour. It is gluten free and it has a dense, sweet and intense flavour. It will make your fried foods taste so much better. Promise.

  1. Ground Ritz crackers:

These have a buttery quality to them that makes them perfect for fried foods. You have to make sure the powder is extra fine though. Roll and dust your food in this delicious buttery covering, and thank yourself later.

  1. Bacon:

Yeah you read that right! Fried food plus bacon is a double treat. Just crisp up your bacon and cut it into fine thin pieces. Egg wash your food, and roll it in the crispy goodness, and hit the fryer. Delicious!

Now happily ditch the good ol’ flour and get going with these. Happy cooking!

Image Credits: Magone/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos

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