Your kids should learn the importance of healthy foods and nutrition at an early age if you want them to be healthy throughout their lives. Educating them can be difficult especially if you don’t really have an idea about health and nutrition yourself. Here are a few tips for you along with foods that you must make sure your kid consumes:

1. Fruits: No matter which fruit it is, it is beneficial. You should provide your kid with a variety of fruits. For example, you could cut an apple up before dinner. Brightly colored fruits are the best. Eggplants and blueberries consist of powerful anti-oxidants and have been proved to reduce cancer and heart risks.

2. Vegetables: Your kid won’t like eating vegetables all the time and to make sure he eats well and doesn’t leave the veggies in the plate, you have to get creative. Add more onions to his tacos if he likes them. You can also add lettuce and tomato.

3. Nuts: Nuts build healthy fats and are also energy providers. Take a jar and put dried fruits, seeds and nuts in it. You can place the jar in your kids’ room or in your car to eat whenever you feel like.

4. Cheese: You can spread it, melt it or just add chunks of it but cheese is great for your kid. Ricotta cheese and fat-free cottage cheese are rich sources of protein.

5. Whole grains: When you buy pasta, make sure it is made of whole wheat. Brown rice, oatmeal and whole grain cereals are also excellent choices.

6. Beans: They are rich sources of fiber, carbs and protein. If your kid loves them, you are in luck!