There are many different types of cheeses and each has its own nutritional value. While some have very high calcium content, others are rich in protein. For example, cottage cheese has very high amounts of casein. Casein is really good for the muscles. However, all kinds of cheese are high in fat. If you are fighting to keep your weight in check, you should go for the low-fat varieties available commercially today.

Here are a few healthy ways to eat cheese:

1. Add one slice of semi-soft cheese to apple slices. You can choose your favorite variety of semi-soft cheese.

2. You can even create your own roll up using cheese and sliced turkey breast.

3. Take a can of salmon and add fat-free cream cheese to it. You can go for smoke flavour to make it taste good.

4. You can have a few slices of Brie in a bowl of berries.

5. Sweet potato along with steamed broccoli and low-fat cottage cheese is also a great option.