You are far away land on the best holiday ever and suddenly homesickness ruins it all! It is difficult to not feel homesick on long foreign holidays for some. If you get really homesick, so much so that it affects your holiday badly, follow our tips to ensure you are able to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Here goes:

  • Visit the country’s most popular tourist destinations and historic places at the start of your trip. This will make you familiar to the place’s culture right away. When you start warming up to the place, find your niches and the places you are most comfortable in and spend maximum time there.
  • Stay connected to your friends and family all through the trip. You can consider buying them each a little something and have a fun purpose to each day while keeping you connected with your loved ones.
  • Take a break from social networking. Watching and tracking down every family member’s move will make your homesickness worse. Also it robs off a lot of time from you which you could otherwise spend on exploring your neighbourhood.
  • See if you can convince a friend to make a short trip to where you are. It will give you a much needed break from loneliness and give you a chance #2 at dealing with homesickness.
  • Make a checklist of exciting adventures and fun things to do in the place you have travelled to. Have a goal each day to strike off as many items as possible from the list. This shifts your mind off the loneliness and into the next adventure.
  • Exercise! Because it not only helps you keep healthy, but also makes you feel less lethargic from sorrow and releases endorphins in your body which will rev up your mood.
  • Maintain a journal and write only positive thoughts in it. It will make you dwell more on the good thing and spin away the negative thoughts.

There! Now travel in peace. Bon voyage!

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