There is something really wonderful about having friends and family gather over fried whole fish and drinks.  Sea bass, flounder, striped bass, small grouper, and red snapper are some of the most delicious beauties. The trick to frying them perfectly lies in the cuts you make. It becomes easier to pick the pieces too, if it’s well cut.

 If you are going to have a big fish party anytime soon, here’s how you cut it:

  • Start off by laying the fish flat on the cutting board.
  • Next, cut along the spine from head to tail.
  • Next, make a cut along the belly from head to toe.
  • Now make two more cuts along the centre of the fish.
  • Then, cut diagonal notches from the top fin, all the way to the belly.
  • Make sure all your cuts are on an angle and reach the bone.

Done! There you go. Your fish is ready for soaking in all the marinade goodness and deep frying to perfection. You are going to leave your guests impressed lady. Happy cooking