We have all had days, when there is just not enough time even to take a breath in peace, and we are left, scrambling through the day, overcome with lassitude. We could all do with a bit of organizing, and squeezing out a little extra time from our choc-a-bloc schedule.


Here are some tips to help you take time, from time:

  • Always have a to-do list. Things that are absolute must, should go on top and then the less important task go after them. This helps immensely in staying on top of things and avoid taking up chores when you don’t have any energy left in you.
  • Set all your clocks a few minutes ahead. (Of course refrain from looking at your phone for time). This ensures you finish up things a little before the stipulated time and thereby save up on a bit of it for yourself.
  • Alarms are just as functional, as they are annoying. TrustJ. Set alarms for different to-dos, and spread the alarm clocks in all corners of your home/ office. This will remind you of job at hand, and prompt you to hurry up on what you are already on.
  • Always have a calendar, neatly filled out with all your engagements. This will prevent overlapping to-dos, and help pre-plan things for minimum time wastage.
  • Multitask! You don’t have to wait till a particular task is completed, to begin another. Sometimes it’s perfectly manageable to take up more than one thing together. You save on both time, and effort that way.
  • Those extra winks in the morning right after your alarm goes off are too tempting to resist. But if you manage to conquer those, you will be pleasantly surprised, what waking a tad earlier than usual, can do. Mornings are fresh and there is less chaos around. Finishing up chores is quicker, when you do it in the morning, than later. Get the point?
  • Get a little organised with your things. If you are disorganised, you waste a great deal of time looking for things. You don’t have to keep everything immaculately organized, colour coded and all. Just ensuring everything is in its place is enough.

There! Didn’t we tell you it’s easy to squeeze out a little time off your busy schedule? Now go plan on how you are going to spend all those extra minutes saved up!

Image Credits: AnaBGD/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos