We know you already love your microwave oven for all the things it does and all the time it saves. Most of us use microwave oven just for heating and reheating purposes. What if we tell you, you can whip up incredibly delicious desserts in minutes in your microwave? You will find reasons to love it more. Wont you?

Well then, here are two sinfully delicious and ridiculously quick recipes:

  1. Creamy cheesecake:

You will need 3 tbsp. of cream cheese, 2 tbsp. of vanilla flavoured Greek yoghurt, ½ tsp. vanilla extract, ½ tsp. lemon juice, 1 ½ crushed graham cracker squares, 2 tbsp. castor sugar and your desired topping.

Combine the cheese, yoghurt, vanilla, lemon juice and sugar well. Layer your microwave safe ramekins with crushed crackers and pour the cheese mixture over it. Microwave for 2 minutes. Refrigerate the cheesecake for an hour in the freezer and then top it with your favourite fruit, compote, or whipped cream. Enjoy the decadence.

  1. Sinful chocolate fudge :

You will need 1 cup of dark chocolate chips, 7 ounces of sweetened condensed milk, 1tbsp. hard unsalted butter, ½ tbsp. vanilla extract, ¼ tsp., kosher salt and sprinkles to garnish.

Start off by lining a loaf pan with non-stick spray and plastic wrap. Next, heat the dark chocolate in a microwave safe bowl in 30 second intervals till the chocolate melts completely. Now add the condensed milk, butter, vanilla extract and salt to the chocolate and mix well till its smooth. Pour the batter into the loaf pan and smooth out the corners. Garnish the gooey mixture with colourful sprinkles and chill for 2 hours. Cut the moreish fudge into cubes and store at room temperature. Relish.