Your vision is very important and you should take very good care of yourself if you want it to last your entire lifetime. If you are facing problems such as itchiness, crusty fragments, and swelling, not addressing the problems immediately can cost you your vision. Here’s information about blepharitis, which is the inflammation of the eyelid. This condition can strike anytime and is not what is commonly called the pink eye or conjunctivitis. While anterior blepharitis strikes the outer front of the eyelid, posterior blepharitis affects the inner edge. Anterior blepharitis may be caused because of dandruff of the eyebrows while posterior blepharitis is caused because of acne rosacea and dandruff of the scalp. Infections, toxins, and allergies can aggravate the condition further.

Preventing blepharitis:

– The most basic measure to take is to wash your hands and face regularly.

– Avoid rubbing your eyes.

– Remove all your makeup before doing to sleep. Leftover mascara can be disastrous.

– If you are feeling uncomfortable, make sure you talk to the doctor immediately about it. Prevention is always better than cure.