The food you buy and eat may come across as healthy but there are a few facts about foods that can leave you feeling gross and nauseated. However, the advantage of knowing will help you avoid these foods and thus stay healthy.

1. Salads: If you are dieting hard and yet, your weight refuses to go down it may be because of the salads you eat. The salads sold at fast food chains and restaurants are actually calorie laden. There are Caesar salads, dishes with mayonnaise and creamy dressings that you should keep away form at all costs.

2. Bugs: There are sugar coated, chocolate laden beetles and creepy crawlers that you can consume but it turns out that there are also real bugs in most of the food you eat all year. You will be shocked to know that an ingredient that is labelled as artificial color named carmine or Cochineal extract is actually the dried body of a bug. So if you see purple, pink or red colored food you know you should beware.

3. Strawberries: Using plain strawberries is apparently not favoured by many companies to add flavour to the milk shakes they make. Instead, they use something that has 50 chemicals to give you that strawberry flavour. So it is better you rely on your own homemade strawberry shake instead of consuming numerous chemicals.

4. Apples: A new report has proved that a few of the apple juice cartons sold in the market have arsenic content more than the permitted levels.

5. Bacteria: You reach out for your toothbrush each morning, right? You also reach out for it after eating loads of candy. But do you realize how many bacteria infest your toothbrush? Harmful ones including Staphylococci and E. coli can be found in huge numbers on your toothbrush. Feeling gross, right? Make sure you chuck it in the dishwasher after every use from now on.