Halloween is here and whipping up some spooky looking delicious food is on many a women’s wish list. We have a few suggestions for what you can make to impress your guests without spending a lot of effort or time.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Make a dough with Nutella and desiccated coconut powder. Roll up slightly oblong shapes with the dough. Stick MnMs for eyes, and almond flakes for ears and you will have impressive looking mice, all ready.
  • Make white chocolate ganache balls and drizzle red jelly on top. Stick a MnM and make a little black spot on it using food colour. Spooky eyeballs for dessert anyone?
  • Mix your favourite drink with warm gelatine, pour them over flexible straws (upright in a can) till filled and wait for it to set. Gently push the jelly out of the straw and you will have gross looking delicious worms!
  • Make ginger man cookies (make them dark by using a little food colouring) and then use melted white chocolate in a piping bag to draw out a skeleton on the cookies.
  • Write RIP on a rectangular cookie and insert it perpendicularly on a brownie to resemble a grave. Simple we say!

 Now go surprise your friends with neat whip ups. Happy Halloween.

Image Credits: GreenArtPhotography/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos