Lack of self-confidence is a common problem. Even the simplest things can be disturbing. They can take you down in an instant. What do you do then? You fight back. How? Here are tips for you:

1. Fake it: This is easy and quick! How do you fake it though? You look your best! Wear your favorite dress so that heads turn in your direction. When that happens, you will feel much better and secure about yourself.

2. Be happy: If you aren’t happy for real, put it on. When you smile, the world smiles! People will definitely respond to your attitude with a smile. Your mood will thus be better and your self-confidence will inch back.

3. Be good: Doing good can make you feel very good about yourself. It can be as simple as buying coffee for your colleague or going to a shelter and spending time there.

4. Do good: When you are low, the best thing to do would be something you love. If you like cooking, cook! If you love watching movies, watch one. Play with your pet, talk to your friends, or go out for a stroll. It is all up to you.

5. Relax: Take a deep breath and relax. Stress is toxic in every way. Don’t let it bring you down by any means. You can relax with a nice bath or with meditation. Do it everyday to feel better.