Don’t you love your coffee filters? The beauties that are responsible for filtering your coffee and giving you the perfect cuppa in the morning. If we tell you it can do a million other things apart from what it is made to do, would you love it more? Of course you would!

Here’s how you can ingeniously use them:

  • To soften the harshness of your camera flash, you can use a coffee filter on it. You are welcome.
  • If your wine bottle has a broken cork, place a coffee filter at the opening of the carafe while slowly pouring the wine into the glass to prevent the cork fragments ruining your wine.
  • Wipe your car dashboard sparkly clean with a firm swipe of you know what. It get rids of dirt and dust without adding glare.
  • Use your coffee filters in place of snack bowls. That way you can keep a watch on your serve size, and also do away the need to do the extra dishes.
  • To protect your precious china from undue scratches, place coffee filters between them when storing.
  • Tear a piece off a coffee filter and press it on fresh razor cuts and nicks to stop bleeding without a sting.
  • Fill your coffee filter with fragrant dry flowers, tie it with a ribbon, and place it in your wardrobe to lend it a beautiful scent.
  • Insert Popsicle sticks in coffee filters before handing them to kids to prevent drips and stains.
  • Store a few coffee filters in your handbag to act as a perfect blotter when your skin is shining with too much of oil.

 There! Go stock up on those useful things.

Image Credits: tab1962/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos