Deeply fried foods are so drool worthy. There are few people in the world who don’t enjoy hot deep fried starters. We have a few genius frying tips if you love fried goodies and often make them at home.

Here goes:

  • Before making potato chips, rinse the potato slices in vinegar and water solution. It not only avoids toasty edges and undercooked flesh but also helps keep the potato cells intact giving you fries that are crispier than ever.
  • A perfect Frito misto should be crunchy and light. Use corn-starch to achieve that. Also, if the batter thickens as you work, add club soda to it as needed.
  • When frying anything, don’t cram food in the pot. The temperature of the oil will plummet and the food will stick together else. Frying in small batches is always a good idea.
  • If the batter begins to stray when it hits the oil, skim away the rogue bits before they burn.
  • Don’t ever over mix the batter. It becomes too thick else.
  • When frying, always allow the excess batter to drip off before you lower it in the oil. Also ensure you submerge one item at a time.

 There you go! Happy frying.

Image Credits: eggeeggjiew/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos