We remember black history only during the Black History month. That’s wrong. We think you must educate your child about black history so that they understand the contribution of African Americans. Whether or not it is taught in schools, talking to them about it at home will help! Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Racism is still rampant: We can deny it all we want but racism has not gone away. There are far too many racist incidents to ignore. From high schools to adulthood, we have all seen it happen. Whether it is the Oscars or the punishment blacks receive for small crimes in comparison to what whites are subjected to, there is racism and it needs to stop.
  2. Eliminates xenophobia: If your children don’t know about various cultures, they will not be accustomed to it. Learning about black history will teach them that African Americans are no different. That’s very, very crucial.
  3. Shows that there is a lot more to African Americans than is shown: Whether it is TV or the neighborhood, we see segregation. Children hear negative stuff about African Americans and tend to believe it because they don’t know any better. Educating them about black history will change their perspective.

Image Credits: USGirl/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos