Being a first time parent is an amazing and surprising time! The first year will throw at you so many surprises that you’ll be befuddled almost every single day! To brace you for these moments, we have compiled a few of them:

  1. Fake sleeping: Babies need a lot of sleep. However, they want to sleep only when they know you are sleeping too. That is why you will find yourself fake sleeping at least once a day. You have to lie down and close your eyes while trying hard not to peek. Beware, this trick gets difficult as they grow.
  2. Apologizing all the time: It will become such a bad habit that you will start apologizing to everyone! You’ll be sorry you were 5 minutes late in breastfeeding him or changing him or answering the phone or cooking. You will basically be sorry about everything.
  3. Vocalizing your feelings: When you see other parents, you will get annoyed about how they go on and on. They keep saying, “they grow up so fast!” and it gets on your nerves. When you become a parent, you will become one of the crowd and vocalizing everything. It is a fact that babies grow very fast and you will not be able to help yourself!
  4. Baby wipes to the rescue: Baby wipes are blessings! Your world will revolve around them and you’ll be overly thankful that they exist.

Have any that you’ve experienced? Share with us!