Stress is taking all of us down including our children!

Oh yes, times have become so stressful that even kids are facing the pressure. Little kids can feel tensed just as you can, especially when they see you stressed out. The only way out of this is to identify the signs of stress in your kids and do something about it before it is too late.

  1. Change in sleep pattern: Some kids tend to oversleep when stressed while others tend to lose sleep. Thus, any sudden change in the sleep pattern must be addressed.
  2. Too hungry or not hungry at all: Just as in case of sleep, your child may either eat too much or refuse to eat at all. Check signs of changes in his/her diet.
  3. Emotional reactivity and changes in behavior must also be checked.
  4. Increased complaints of physical pain such as headache and stomachaches.
  5. Withdrawal: Not being interested in talking to family and friends, being moody, and seeing the need to stay alone and not interact are also signs of stress.

Image Credits: KaeArt/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos