You might think you baby proofed the apartment but there are a few mistakes that even the most meticulous parents end up making. Here are a few of them:

1. You need a pool barrier. Many people take this lightly and don’t often think about a pool fence but statistics have proved that kids are at a very high risk of drowning and not caring enough to have a pool barrier is stupidity. Children love the idea of going to the pool and if you don’t take adequate measures, there will be tragedy.

2. Drop-side cribs are bad. Many kids are suffocated and strangulated in these cribs because of the malfunctioning drop-side. This is the reason why these types of cribs are not popular. All sides of the crib must be stationary.

3. You should anchor your furniture to the wall. This is because tots love climbing. L brackets will give more security even if your toddler wants to climb the bookshelf.

4. Hot water can cause severe damage to your baby within a matter of seconds. You should remember to adjust the temperature of your heater thus. Water should not be hotter than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Always make sure you check the water before giving your baby a bath.

5. Many children fall out of the window. This mainly happens because parents are reckless enough to place furniture near the window. Don’t ever make that mistake!