Where there are kids there are tantrums. You simply can’t avoid them.

Dealing with a tantrum at home is not really a problem. It gets problematic when the tantrums come in public. Thankfully there are ways to calm your child down and take her home without further screaming.

Read on:

  1. Don’t get annoyed. This is the first thing you should keep in mind. If you get annoyed because of your child, she will throw even more tantrums. You should learn how to keep your cool. Don’t raise your voice even though you are flustered that people are watching and judging your role as the parent.
  2. Divert your child. You pack sippy cups, wipes, and diapers for sure. Why not pack a few treats and a couple of toys too? Crayons, notepads, board books, pipe cleaners, etc. will do the trick too. You need to distract your kid before the tantrum escalates.
  3. Kids usually throw tantrums when they are hungry and tired. That is why you should never continue shopping forever. Sit down for a break. Feed your child and spend some time with him so that he relaxes and feels better with a full tummy.
  4. Hug! Give him a tight hug! It works sometimes and it doesn’t work sometimes. When it does, it will make you feel truly amazing!

Photo Credits: AngryJulieMonday