Work-life balance. Haven’t we heard of this phrase enough?

While you can balance your work and personal life before getting married and before having babies, it is almost impossible to do so after your personal life gets busy. Many women strive really hard to achieve this so called balance and fail miserably. That frustrates them endless.

Now, my question is: Do you really think you can balance work and life? Do you really think you can give the same time to work and personal life? You have got to be kidding!

My advice is that you totally forget the whole concept and create your OWN balance. No one knows about your life better than you. You know what’s important and what isn’t. You are the best judge! Thus, you should create the balance yourself. Assess your needs and then make an informed decision. Don’t let the phrase wreck your happiness! It is NOT worth it!

Image Credits: almagami/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos

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