If extensive travelling is what you are intending to do, you could do with some tips that will not just save your money but will make your trips that much more worthwhile.

Read on and take note. These tips are about to change your ‘travelling’ life for the better:

  1. Wake up early when in a foreign location. Rising at dawn will help you better explore the place due to practically no crowds. Also, the diffused light makes for a perfect photo setting.
  2. Always have cash stashed in a few different places other than your wallet. This will help save your arse in an emergency when your card isn’t working or your wallet is stolen.
  3. No matter where you go, make sure you pack a comfortable scarf. This humble accessory could be your most useful one with a plethora of practical applications. It can be used for sun protection, as an eye mask, as a container of items you want to carry along, a face towel, and much more.
  4. Always have your important photos and documents backed up. Having digital copies of your passport, visas, driver’s license, birth certificate, and important phone numbers is the wisest thing you can do.
  5. When interacting with locals, always look in the eye and smile. Also, learn to say hello in the local language and start your conversations with it. It is the quickest way to make friends.
  6. Hostels are the best option to put up especially when travelling alone. Not only are hostels extremely economical compared to hotels, it even allows you to make new friends and explore the local culture.
  7. Always carry a set of ear plugs when you are travelling. They are perfect for cancelling sounds of barking dogs, honking vehicles, crying babies, and the jazz.
  8. Don’t follow a strict schedule when in a new place. Try new random activities, meet local families, and say yes to unexpected and unplanned programmes. They will most often turn into your best travel stories.
  9. Last, but certainly not the least, be nice to your body. Stay hydrated, eat well, use sunscreen, and get enough snooze and exercise.

There you go! Travelling is one of life’s best pleasures. Get packing and take that vacation now!