Being a mom is not easy and we all are aware of that. With motherhood comes responsibility, the need to be understanding, careful and so much more.

If you are a new mother or are facing problems in dealing with your kids, here are some tips that will help you become great mothers.

1. Turn for help. It is okay to take help and advice from your loved ones. Come on, you are only a mother and not a wonder woman. You don’t need to do everything all by yourself. Take your sister’s, friend’s or mother’s help.

2. Help your kids with their homework but don’t hover around them all the time. Set a routine for them as soon as they reach home from school so that they are done with it easily and quickly.

3. Help your child sleep well. If he has nightmares and wakes up crying, be comforting and ward that fear away. You could chase the monster away with a handheld fan or you could use a spray bottle. Then lie down with your child and talk pleasantly to him. Talk of nice things like sharing ice-cream or building a castle.

4. Let it all out and share your feelings. Talk to your child about it and complain together. Hug him and ask him why he is angry, hurt and cranky. He will learn to talk of his feelings and he will also feel calm and relaxed.

5. Friendship is very valuable. It is important to teach your kids that. Comfort your kid when she gets dumped by a friend and let her know that there are many other girls in class that she could befriend.