Clothes are getting really expensive and if you want to save a few bucks, you should try extending their life. It is simple really. Read ahead and you’ll know how!

 Wash in cold water: cold water is the best for clothes. Use a mild detergent and skin the bleach. This will definitely increase the life of your clothes. Also, handwash your clothes if you can.

 NO dryer: dryers are hot and they only shrink the fabric. The fibers in your fabric will also be affected. Use a fabric softener and instead of throwing them in the dryer, hang them to dry.

 Treat stains properly: Always carry a stain removing stick so that you can treat any stain immediately.

 Store properly: use good hangers. If there are light garments, use padded hangers. Wood hangers are best for blazers and suits. Wire hangers are a big no. For shoes, get shoe inserts and shapers. Store your shoes in boxes. Don’t pile them up.

 Avoid too much perfume: Perfume and hair spray can be damaging. Avoid getting too much on your clothes and use these products before you wear your clothes.