As parents, the instinct to protect our kids is often so strong that it never goes away no matter how old our kids get. In a bid to always do what’s best for our children, some of us become over protective and that makes us hover around our kids so that they never get sick, dirty, sad, or ill-mannered.  Although we may argue it’s all a result of love, over protecting children can set them up for failure in life.

Check for these signs to find out for yourself if you too are an over-fussy parent:

  • You follow your kid around even on the playground and act as a human shield. You transform into a ninja and outstretch your hands impulsively to protect a fall or prevent dirt from touching your kids.
  • You ALWAYS do your child’s homework with him. You feel the need to read out all the questions with him in unison and often catch yourself giving out the answers before your kid does.
  • You always have a sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes up your sleeve while you follow your kid all day. You wipe down his body each night and make sure all his toys are squeaky clean before being put back.
  • You always disallow your kids from taking risks no matter how small they are. You invest in everything that will protect you child from any possible harm. Kneepads, safety belts, and helmets, your kids have it all.
  • You rescue them too quickly whenever you think they are in a problem situation. You hardly allow your kids to figure out themselves how to get on the better side of their problems.

If you’ve found yourself saying a yes to any of the above pointers, time to loosen up a bit. Being too intrusive and interceding to the point of stifling skills that make kids more independent can cause them to become under-confident individuals. And you don’t want that!