We want our children to achieve success, to do well in everything, to be smart and intelligent and all of that. Most importantly though, parents want their children to be ‘happy’. Studies show that optimistic children often come from happy homes. Contrary to what you believe, staying optimistic and happy doesn’t have anything to do with genes.

What to do to ensure you child has a happy childhood?

Here’s what you can do:

  • Help your child feel connected. Family members, neighbours, friends, and even pets need to establish an emotional connect with the child. It is the surest way of ensuring your child’s emotional well-being.
  • Make sure your child has at least one person in his life that loves him unconditionally. That can give inoculation from misery, like nothing can.
  • However counterintuitive it may sound, DO NOT try to make your child happy in the short term. Giving into his every whim and fancy in the name of keeping him happy is only going to cause him more misery when he grows up and faces the real world.
  • Children absorb a lot from their parents’ behaviour. It is therefore important for you to stay happy and content yourself. If you carve out time for yourself, indulge in relaxation and do things that make you happy, your child might follow suit too.
  • Allow your children to experience success and failure. You don’t have to give them everything on a platter. You can however, give them ample opportunities to try things for themselves. Let your child get used to both success and failure. Let him know it’s absolutely okay to win sometimes and lose sometimes.
  • Lastly, practice and teach your children to practice gratitude every day. Children who practice gratitude are more optimistic and feel better about their lives overall. It’s the key to lasting happiness.

There you go! Raise happy kids. Happy parenting.