Noodles have forever been time-sensitive food. Try multitasking in the kitchen while the noodles are on the burner and you will most likely end up with a mess.

Forgot the noodles on the stove and ended up with mushy overcooked noodles that are sticky and look inedible? Fret not.

Here’s how you can fix overcooked noodles instead of tossing them out:

  • Throw the noodles in a pan with a dash of butter and olive oil. Sauté them over low heat and it will crisp them back a bit and salvage your dinner. For an extra kick you can throw in some garlic or cheese. That will disguise the overcooked flavour of the noodles too.
  • Turn the noodles into pancakes! Yes. Throw in chopped onions, tomato sauce, garlic and whisked eggs into the noodles. Spread the mixture on a griddle with butter and toast the pancake on both the sides. Delicious!
  • Make a rich sauce and cover the noodles entirely with it. The slimy taste will disappear magically. You can throw in crunchy vegetables into the sauce such as zucchini or bell peppers for the much needed al dente.

There you go! You will never have to throw away overcooked noodles again. In fact, some of you will overcook it on purpose after trying these ingenious tricks.