St. Patrick’s Day is all about celebrations, isn’t it? How about decorating your home with some of the charms so that you invite luck all year? Here are tips:

  1. The lucky wreath: Oh yes, the St. Patrick’s wreath is believed to bring good luck
  2. Glasses of Shamrock: Give the old glasses a neat twist this St. Patrick’s Day with shamrock templates. You can download them online and in a few minutes, you will have amazing and cute glasses!
  3. Blocks: You can convert blocks of wood into lovely St. Patrick’s Day material! Just paint across them and use them for décor.
  4. Banners: Make your own luck banners this St. Patrick’s Day. All you need is sparkle pens and different paper designs. You can also download banners, print them, and cut them into your favorite shapes.

You can involve your kids with you to make this a fun craft activity as well. These are all easy to do and a lot of fun!

Image Credits: jenifoto/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos