Teenage is the time when things get messed up easily and there is a lot of trouble every now and then. How do you handle it?

Tips to Handling Teenager Mistakes

Remember that teenagers are highly rebellious and not handling their mistakes well will push them over the edge. If your reactions are harsh you will lose your bond with your teenage child and he/she will stop opening up to you. What do you do then?

  1. Don’t take it too personally: You may fume on the insides but it is very important to stay calm when your child messes up. It is important to let go and move on. Of course, you have to set him straight but once you do that, you shouldn’t keep bringing the mistake up and arguing all the time. Simply give him the punishment and let it go after that.
  2. Stay engaged with your teen: You may be extremely busy but that is absolutely no excuse to ignore the needs of your teen. Teenagers, even though they don’t show it, need you the most. Make sure you take time out regularly for your child. Go out for a meal or a stroll in the park and when you do, make sure you give him your complete attention. Also, stop asking too many questions. Listen.
  3. Be positive: If you want to reprimand your child for being bad you should also make sure you praise him for being good. Find positive things to say to your teenager every now and then so that he knows you are being fair. It is very important to be transparent with your child. Give him confidence when he needs it and be there for him so that he understands that you are not always critical.

Image Credits: Zeitnews