Cloth diapers are becoming quite popular today. Why?

Yes, it is true that cloth diapers are taking over and that is probably because they come with many advantages. For one, they are easier on the pocket. Other advantages include less wastage and lower chances of rashes on the skin.

Why Choose Cloth Diapers

Here’s what moms have to say:

The Cost

Most moms voted for the cost factor. They say that cloth diapers are inexpensive when compared to disposable diapers and that is a huge advantage. Of course, you won’t feel the pinch when you buy only one pack of disposable diapers. Think about it long term and you’ll see just how much you have to spend on them. Plus, you can use each diaper only once. Cloth diapers can be washed and reused several times.


Many moms also said that cost isn’t really a factor for them but health is. Disposable diapers tend to cause rashes and even allergic reactions. Cloth diapers are safer in this regard. Also, some moms are really concerned about the ingredients used to make disposable diapers. They, thus, choose cloth diapers.

Almost every mom agrees that cloth diapers are quite cute and adorable. Gone are the days when cloth diapers were eyesores. The newest ones in the market are very cute!

Image Credits: Lou Haach