Everyone should have pets. Animals for companions are the best way to reduce our stress and add a little bit more love to our life. If you are going to add an animal member to your family anytime soon, consider adoption. Instead of going to a fancy pet store, go to an animal rescue institution and make an abandoned, unwanted animal, yours.

Here’s giving you reasons why adopting a pet is the wisest thing you can do:

  • Animals in rescue shelters are either abandoned/lost by their owners or orphaned. By giving them a loving home, you give them a second chance at life.
  • Pet overpopulation is increasing every year. There are millions of dogs and cats who are euthanized just so the population is controlled because they aren’t enough homes for them. If you adopt and encourage others to do so, you can help break the cycle of pet overpopulation.
  • Commercial mass pet breeding facilities produce millions of animals for sale. These facilities have been known to impregnate female animals over and over again till they become unprofitable assets, after which, they are killed or abandoned. By adopting an animal from a shelter, you indirectly don’t support cruel practices against unfortunate animals.
  • People who work at pet shelters, work closely with animals every day. They therefore have a wealth of knowledge on all issues regarding maintaining the animal optimally. You can always elicit their help whenever needed.
  • As soon as an animal becomes a part of the shelter, it is given vaccinations, and is taken through behaviour screening process. Shelter animals are brought up with care because the staff working in shelters put love into what they do. If you adopt an animal from a shelter, you are getting a pet that has been well taken care of.
  • Lastly, adoption fees are much lower than purchase fees of purebred animals available at fancy pet stores. Getting a pet won’t lighten your wallet much.

Go adopt a pet right now and you will realize soon how it was the best decision ever. Happy petting.