Not all dates are a walk in the park and beautifully pleasant. Most of us at some point in our lives date guys who are super boring or all about themselves and we suddenly don’t know how to get out of that bad date. If you find yourself in that situation often, don’t worry.

Here’s how you can talk your way out of a bad date, easy peasy:

  1. Take the flight rather than fight. As soon as you find out that his laughter is unbearable, or his teeth are too yellow for your taste, just pretend you received an emergency call or text and tell him you have to leave immediately. It’s okay to ditch your guy …sometimes. To make things better, tell him how you’d love to stay but you cannot.
  2. If you find yourself with a complete brat, a possible serial killer, or a drug peddler (you get the drift?), kindly excuse yourself to use the restroom and just leave. We know that is bad karma but then some guys just deserve to be hanged out to dry.
  3. If you’ve lost an escape option, just start crying loudly. That’s a red flag! He will freak out when he sees it and will probably try escaping you, on his own.

There you go! Of course there are more dignified ways of getting out of a bad date, but sometimes we are just lost on patience and time. Aren’t we?