Love wearing scarves? Did you know there are quite a few ways to wear them?

Don’t be stuck with the same scarf style all the time! We have some options that you can explore.

  1. Scarf around the forehead: Fold your scarf along its length so that it is thin enough for your forehead, maybe 3 inches thick. Wrap it around your forehead with a knot at the back. Remember not to tie it to the side; you are not a karate kid!
  2. Scarf wrapping the head: Take a long scarf and tie around your hairline. Tie the knot at the nape. Make sure the end of the scarf if to the side so that it is visible to you when you look in the mirror. You can also go ahead and make a bow with the ends.
  3. Vintage scarf: You can get a beautiful, stylish 70s look with your scarf. Just fold it into a triangle. Now, place the top end on the top of your head. Now bringing the ends of the scarf forward, crisscross them at the chin. Tie them at the back to make a bow.
  4. A headband: Tie your hair into a side braid. Take a short scarf and fold it to make it thin. Do this along its length. Now, wrap this scarf around your hairline and bring the ends to where you started your braid. Tie it over there.

Image Credits: belchonock/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos