Long, beautiful lashes are always stylish. They are flirty and flattering and if your natural eyelashes aren’t good enough for you, there are always fake ones! Here are simple tips on applying false lashes:

Lesson 1: If this is your first time, you should practise with a cheaper pair of lashes before using the better ones. It is easy but it could prove to be tricky initially. Start practising a week before the big night so that you get them perfectly on the actual day.

Lesson 2: The length of eyelashes differs from person to person and thus it’d be best to measure your false ones. Here is what you must do:

– Tilt your chin upwards and look down your nose. Make sure your eyes remain open.

– The lash should be the exact length of your lid. Place it on the lash and check.

– Don’t squint your eyes while measuring.

– Cut the lashes it they are too long.

Lesson 3: Always apply makeup before applying your false lashes. It’ll be easier and convenient. The glue could weaken if you apply makeup later after applying lashes.

Lesson 4: Squeeze some glue out onto a lash case or the back of your hand, take a toothpick, dip it in and apply gently on the false lashes. Don’t coat them with excess glue. With practice, you will learn how much glue is exactly needed.

Lesson 5: Don’t apply the lashes immediately after applying the glue. Wait for 15 seconds and apply when the glue begins to set. The lashes will slide away if you apply immediately. Thus, you must wait. Lower your eyes and let the glue set.

Lesson 6: While removing, start with the outer edge and peel your way to the inner end. Using a makeup remover is also ideal.