Being a mom can be very stressful. Once your kids start going to school, early morning are more like a blur and taking care of yourself is very difficult. That is why ponytails have become a standard for moms.

But guess what? There are simple styles that you could try without spending too much time on your hair. Get out of the ponytail and try these amazingly simple tips:

1. If you love your ponytail and want to stay put with it, why not accessorize? You’ll turn glamorous from simple just like that! Try crystal ponytail holders or rhinestone hairpins. You could also try headbands with various embellishments.

2. Spinpins are a real savior for mothers! These little pins can make you look very chic and elegant. You could take half your hair from the top and tie it into a bun and then secure it with two spin pins; one from the top and a smaller one from the bottom. For a retro look go for a side bun with a flower.

3. Here’s one style that you will love: natural waves! All you need to do is wash your hair one night before and then braid it. You could also tie it into a bun and keep it in place with a hair band. The braid will give you loose waves and the bun will you give you more volume. When you wake up in the morning you’ll have a new hairstyle!