If you are blessed with a big bosom, consider yourself lucky. And while we know it’s difficult to minimize their appearance and dress appropriate, we know many women who would kill to have babies like that. The right cuts and silhouettes can flatter your bust size.

Here are a few styling tips for starters:

  • Busty women know what it feels like (and it doesn’t feel good) to pick a dress that is wider on the waist, just so it accommodate their bust size. The key is to embrace the sack look. Pair it with a flared hem line and it will look perfect.
  • Be mindful of the colours you choose. Light and bright clothes accentuate you bust line whereas darker shades will minimize the effect of your heavy bosom. If you love wearing bright shades, you can always choose bottoms in those.
  • When choosing garments, opt for cleaner and longer cuts in terms of silhouette. This will make your upper torso look leaner.
  • Stay away from halter necks and turtle necks. They emphasize your bust line like nothing else. If you still absolutely must wear closed necks, make sure you pick a thick fabric to even out your torso proportions. Also, wear a good supportive bra underneath.
  • Longer sleeves also have a slimming effect on your bust line. Prefer three quarter sleeves over short ones whenever you can.
  • Deep V necks have a diminishing effect on busts whereas short V necks do just the opposite. Needless to say, stay away from short Vs.

There you go.  Choose the right cuts and styles and you will never regret being ‘blessed’ abundantly on the top.