A tattoo is forever and that is why you must think at least ten times before going for it. However, if you already made your decision and are now regretting it, you can cover it up with makeup!

May be it is your wedding and your tattoo looks bad with the dress or may be it is a job interview but if you are looking for ways to hide it, keep reading!

  1. Start with applying primer on the tattoo. Choose the right primer based on the type of skin.
  2. Now you need an orange lipstick or cream shadow. Apply it on the tattoo to neutralize its dark color. Make sure you apply only on the tattoo and don’t stray too far.
  3. Now use translucent setting powder on the tattoo so that the cream shadow stays in place and the stickiness disappears.
  4. You will now need a flesh-toned eyeliner or a stick concealer. Use any of these to trace the tattoo. Do not trace outside the tattoo. Only cover the tattoo and be careful while doing so.
  5. A cream foundation can help you cover up in bulk. Use a nice rounded brush in this step.
  6. Take a powder puff and apply powder that complements your skin tone.
  7. Spray setting spray onto the area and you are done!

Image Credits: PumpizoldA/ iStock/ Thinkstock Photos